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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Alan Glen Trio/Take it to the Bridge @ The Chilli

Alan Glen (pno), John Pope (bs), David Carnegie (dms).
Dave Weisser (tpt/vcl), Paul Edis, Nicola Weaver (alt), Barrie Ascroft (pno), Jim Crinson (bs), Eric Stutt (dms) + Harley Johnson (pno), Solly Bashiri (dms).
The superlatives are running out when it comes to Alan Glen. Just when you think you've heard it all before he'll unleash a phrase that lesser pianists, and there are many, would kill for. Tonight he was on top of his game with his two henchmen (David and John) up there with him.
As ever, a beautiful mix of songbook and jazzbook.
"Speak Low", a soulful version of "My Funny Valentine", "All of You", "Body and Soul" intermingled with "Bud's Bubble" and "Walkin'" made for as good as a set as the maestro has played at the Chilli and I don't care if I do say that every month - he's maturing with age!
John Pope, too is striding forth rapidly whilst David Carnegie always impresses whether he's driving, laying back or going for broke in his solo finale.
Earlier, Take it to the Bridge had two altos in the frontline - Nicola and Paul Edis. They had a hearty blow on "Work Song", "Caravan" "Well You Needn't" - one or two others.
After the Glen Set, Dave sang "My Foolish Heart" and Nicola played her best solo of the night - every note sounded as though no other note could replace it which is the way it should be but rarely is with anyone (except Alan Glen!)
Harley had to wait until the final "Green Dolphin Street" to do his thing although he had kicked off the first set. Solly had his moments too sitting in to give Eric a break (saving himself for Scarborough perhaps!)
Next week it's the Laurie Brown Trio.

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