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Thursday, May 06, 2021

Luke Smith: Livestream from Ronnie Scott's - May 6

(Screenshot by Ken Drew)
Luke Smith (keys); Richie Garrison (tenor/soprano sax); Sid Gauld (trumpet/flugel); Charlie Allen (guitar); David Mrakpor (bass guitar); Josh McNasty (drums) + Joy Rose.

A pleasant surprise, I say surprise as, having led a sheltered life, I was unfamiliar, apart from Smith, with the musicians and, with me, unfamiliarity often breeds contempt. Not so tonight, tonight was a nice groovy mix of funk, jazz, rock and related genres that, as the night progressed, dug deeper and deeper into my soul.

It all began very sedately with Smith producing some symphonic synthesised string sounds from the sea of keyboards he was swimming in. The piece was, appropriately, called The Beginning - Prologue. Travelling, that brought the full band in had a funky groove with a guitar blast by Allen that made me think I was back at Woodstock.

(Screenshot by Ken Drew)
Keyboarder Smith produced some B3 sounds on Message to Brazil before deciding that, as he was in a jazz club, he'd better play some jazz! He opted for Herbie's Cantaloupe Island which gave Gauld and Garrison a rare opportunity to solo. Most of the time they were operating as a horn section.

Throughout, Mrakpor was impressive getting a great sound from his five string electric. I couldn't tell you the make as the fingerboard was so long that I'd have needed a pair of binoculars to read the name on the head-stock!

The Best is Yet to Come, an original by Smith was played as a solo and it exuded sensitivity. New Dawn led to True Love (nothing to do with Cole Porter!) that introduced Joy Rose who, I gather, had prerecorded her part as she was heard but not seen. The horns, on flugel and soprano respectively, had solos and, after It's Time, Garrison had a feature on Babylon.

(Collage by Ken Drew)
The session finished with a free for all, including backing vocals from the in-house staff, on We're Going Home - not to be confused with the Vieux Carré Jazzmen's version of a similarly titled tune. This one had an extended quote from My Favorite Things - over to you VCJ!

Nice session and, if the band ever go north, don't go to Manchester - Luke's home town - go to Newcastle and Hoochie Coochie. You belong with each other ...


PS: Josh McNasty was wicked!

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