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Sunday March 7


Saturday, July 02, 2011

Pierre Bensusan @ The Sage, Gateshead.

Pierre Bensusan (gtr/vcl).
An incredible solo performance by a brilliant guitarist, an appealing singer and an entertaining spieler.
Hall Two was near full on two levels and the crowd enjoyed the one man show by the French/Algerian who gave a dazzling multi- genre performance.
It wasn't pure jazz although there was a strong jazz presence both in his playing and amongst those in attendance but - like Al Di Meola a few nights previous in London - this was uncategorised music.
The soulful, mellow tones of both voice and guitar reached out and grabbed - no replace 'grabbed' with 'gently wooed and cajoled' - the audience into eager submission.
A delightful gig by a superb performer.

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Jude Murphy (on Facebook) said...

Absolutely loved Pierre's performance. Couldn't believe how brave he was on his last number before the encore. Takes some guts to do such a long, fast, unaccompanied scat and then come back in on guitar - absolutely spot on in tune.

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