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Wednesday February 24



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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Maine Street Jazzmen @ Rosie Malone's.

Herbie Hudson (tmb/hca/vcl); Gavin Lee (clt); George Richardson (keys); Alan Rudd (bs); Mike Humble (dms); Olive Rudd (vcl).
Another fun-filled afternoon at Rosie Malone's with the band in fine form despite being once again trumpetless.
Gavin Lee played simple system clarinet with a fluidity that few can match whilst George Richardson on his new Yamaha keyboard laid down some nice chords behind and dazzling solos up front. The vibes sound could have been created by Hampton himself. Herbie had his moments on harmonica, trombone and vox humana whilst the Humble Mike helped things along with his tastefull drumming on a minimilist kit.
Mr Rudd was his usual solid self and Mrs Rudd gave out with an impeccable version of Just Friends.
To round a perfect afternoon off I won a bottle of wine in the raffle.

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