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Sunday March 7


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Jazz Café

Fiona Littlewood (vcl); Paul Grainger (bs); Dougie Fielder (ten); Stuart Findon (pno).
Not a vintage Sunday at the Jazz Café musicwise although things may have picked up after I'd left.
On the plus side Fiona sang some nice things such as Good Morning Heartache, Love Me Or Leave Me, Doxy, Now's The Time to mention but some. Stuart played what is sometimes described as arranger's piano and Dougie doodled.
Pianist Colm Rooney played drums and Paul Grainger arrived to add the basslines which filled things out a bit.

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David Gray said...

To be honest, it didn't really happen when you'd left. People had split and we were left with no bassist, a honky-tonk piano and a barely-formed kit. It was... Interesting.

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