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Tuesday January 19


Sunday, July 22, 2018

Lance's Lament

The situation's out of control. I've now got more unopened, unlistened to CDs than I could ever hope to review and I don't know what to do with them (up yours too!) I doubt if any of my local charity shops will find a demand for 273 albums of original compositions by someone they've never heard of so, artists, agents, hustlers, please do not bombard me with unsolicited CDs without emailing for permission first and, if I don't reply, it's not bad manners - well it is I suppose and I apologise - but take it for a no-no. Also, please forget about downloads. If someone has forked out postage to send me their baby then it has a small chance, not a big one but at least a chance.
To make matters worse, a couple of my reviewers have gone AWOL so, anyone willing to step into the breach is most welcome. You don't get paid (neither do I) but you do get to keep the CD whether you want to or not.
This may seem harsh, and I'm sure there is so much talent slipping under my radar, but someone please tell me the answer.
In the meantime, I'd like to hire a skip just so I don't have to continually sidle along sideways to get from the back door to the front door.
Wait a minute, If I park my car on the street I could store the CDs in the garage, or maybe buy a bigger house with a bigger garage.
I knew there was an answer!
So, anyone with a modestly sized stately home for sale and who is prepared to take every crap CD in the world in part-exchange please get in touch.
Alternatively, anyone whose literary skills match those of Shakespeare, Dickens or Mickey Spillane are invited to join our reviewing team. However, applicants who cite Tolstoy as their mentor will only be allowed to review ECM issues in a darkened room.
PS: Despite all that, I do have some goodies lined up for review which is what makes it all worthwhile.

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