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Sunday, July 08, 2018

Gero Schipmann UK Sextet (all 5 of them!) @ The Globe Jazz Bar, Newcastle - July 7

Gero Schipmann (guitar); Duncan Eagles (tenor/soprano); Sam Leak (piano); Jack Garside (bass); Jordan Dinsdale (drums).
(Review by Lance).
Firstly, I'm completely unapologetic about my references to England and the World Cup. I'm patriotic to the core even though I'm not a Brexiteer but England is edging closer to realising the dream. On Newcastle's Central Station two fans who'd perhaps celebrated, not wisely but well, were lying on the ground recreating the antics of Brazilian 'superstar' Neymar in an earlier game. The police presence looked on with tolerant amusement, they too understood the mood. It was impressive and 'The Neymar Roll' could become the next dance craze although it doesn't have the elegance of  'The Ali Shuffle'.
Bypassing the Russia vs Croatia game being televised in Times Square, I reached the Globe Jazz Bar, where I was pleased to note a goodly crowd had also walked on by and opted for an evening of well-played jazz.
Music knows no boundaries, Germany, London and Leeds combining to produce a balanced program of originals mostly, if not all, composed by guitarist Schipmann.
The trend these days seems to be for bands to compose their own material, nothing wrong with that, and Schipmann's compositions are probably as good as most of the originals being churned out by all and sundry once they've graduated from whatever music school they've paid their dues at. I'd like to see these compositions shared or exchanged with other bands and, thus, over a period of time, become part of the jazz canon.
Taking to the stage unannounced, and no explanation as to why they were a player short, they began with a moody, ethereal piece that floated like a butterfly without stinging like a bee - at least not yet. Eagles, on soprano, produced the exotic feel that the straight sax invariably does. Enter Schipmann and, along with him, the bees. The temperature rose to a mindblowing crescendo before coming to a gentle conclusion. Butterflies 2 Bees 1.
I didn't record the titles as, being originals, they would be meaningless to those who weren't there. As early as the second number, the honey bringers were back on the attack and a spirited blast by Eagles levelled the score and drew the first round of applause which included much whooping and hollering from one of the Jazz Coop regulars.
The humidity rose again when Eagles subbed the soprano sax in favour of his tenor but the hero of the hour on this number was Sam Leak who played the musical equivalent of a hat trick and brought more vocal applause from the stands and deservedly so.
Halftime with the Bees in control. Over on Times Square it was 2 all and looked like a penalty shootout.
No likelihood of that here not with Jordan in goal, sorry, I mean on drums. Then suddenly, there was a counterattack by the Butterflies and, despite being soft and lyrical in concept, Schipmann's solo was perhaps the best of the night and surely worthy of the applause awarded. He's one of the best guitarists I've heard and with minimal, if any, pedals to distort the sound.
Southpaw Jack Garside ran the German close with one of the better bass solos I've heard but it was left to Jordan to bring the show to a close with a solo that near brought the house down.
Bring on Croatia - no Wallys with brollies this time!

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