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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

A Night in New Orleans: The Shake ‘Em Up Band & Ali Affleck and the Copper Cats @ Edinburgh Assembly Halls. - July 20

Shake Em Up Jazz Band:  Haruka Kikuchi (trombone); Marla Dixon (trumpet/vocals): Chloe Feoranzo (clarinet/vocals); Molly Reeves (guitar/vocals); Julie Schexnayder (bass); Defne 'Dizzy' Incirlioglu (washboard/percussion)
(Review by Kay Collin/Photos are © AJBlairPhotography and may not be used without the permission of Sandy Blair)*
Having heard the Shake Em Up Jazz Band well and truly shake things up in New Orleans last year, Ali Affleck wanted us all to share in her delight, and here they were and so we did. Formed two years ago, the Shake Em Up Jazz band brings together six individually gifted musicians each acclaimed musicians in their own right, and members of various established bands.Their set in tonight’s  performance featured tracks from their first album ‘Le Donne Mangiano Zucchero’ along with many from their new album ‘A Woman’s Place’ (see Lance's review), put together to celebrate and pay tribute to women composers and lyricists, and their legacy of arranging, composing and developing jazz since its earliest days.
As was clear in every one of their many and varied solos tonight, these are six accomplished instrumentalists who include no less than three talented vocalists in their number.  A performance full of fun, yet touched with moments of poignancy and reflection. From the racing pace of Putting it on, to the versatile Washboard Wiggles, the powerful Sugar Blues and Alberta Hunter’s beautifully performed ballad The Love I Have For You. The warmth the Shake Em Up Jazz Band established through their music and conversation made this an intimate performance for an audience of several hundred. As the first half of the evening was brought to a close, with the rocking Les Oignons selected by the audience, the Shake Em Up Jazz Band were, as predicted, a major festival hit. Haste ye back.
Ali Affleck and the Copper Cats: Ali Affleck (vocals/washboard); Colin Steele (trumpet); Danielle Price (tuba); Duncan Findlay (guitar); Max Popps (drums); with Chloe Feoranzo(clarinet) and Haruka Kikuchi (trombone).
Ali Affleck is a ‘weel kent’, much loved and respected Scottish jazz singer. Best Scottish Jazz Vocalist and Emerging Artist 2014, finalist in 2017, and leader of 'The Copper Cats', 'The Gin Mill Genies' and 'Bedlam Swing'. An early jazz historian, Ali is a recognised authority on the pioneering women of gospel, blues and jazz and was recently invited to the Scottish Parliament to share her expertise. Her aim is to celebrate the legacy of neglected female lyricists, composers and performers, their lives, music, and the strong message of resilience they delivered. Praise for Alison’s distinctive and powerful voice…

Stunningly expressive” - San Diego Union Tribune.
"I can think of no other young singer of Jazz who can deliver this kind of material with such authenticity and so swingingly’- BBC Jazzhouse.

…testimony to her exceptional talent.  Her deep understanding and connection with the original performers, and the experiences that shaped their songs, bring a rare authenticity to her performances.
So tonight there was an air of mischief and defiance in Egyptian Ella, poignancy in A Good Man is Hard to Find and Some of These Days, a touch of menace in Some of These Days, sincerity in the exquisitely performed La Vie En Rose and integrity in her breathtaking interpretation of St. James Infirmary Blues.  Ali’s vocals were stunning, as was the perceptive, at times blistering, while at others tender, trumpet of Colin Steele. The assured performances of each and every one of Ali's talented accomplices on stage made this a joyous occasion. 
All were clearly relaxed and enjoying the fun and their intuitive and spontaneous solos came thick and fast, much to the delight of their audience. Ali’s conversations invariably include intimate stories about the performers she admires and tonight we were to learn that when Alberta Hunter was believed to be 70 she was less than pleased to be told that she was too old to continue her career in nursing, though she was actually 80 years old! In every of her many performances I’ve attended Ali Affleck has shown that rare courage to give of herself completely, to sing from a place of pure and raw emotion that brings an integrity so well understood and appreciated by her audience. Tonight was no exception. What a wonderful night in New Orleans.
Thanks to ©️AJBlairPhotography for the amazing photographs.
Kay Collin
On the theme of great songs telling moving stories, many congratulations to Ann Alexander, Jude Murphy and all the other gifted lyricists and composers whose songs are included in ‘The Highway’. 

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