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Sunday, April 08, 2012

Dos Guitars/Elaine Binney and the Jazz Rascals @ Ashington Jazz Club. Wed. April 4.

Dos Guitars: Alessandro Brizio and Luca Allievi.
Elaine Binney and the Jazz Rascals: Elaine Binney (vln); Steve Brown (keys); Keith Mills (bs); Jae Brooks (dms); Rachel Mate (vcl).
The meeting of the club on Wednesday evening was a special event which attracted a good crowd who came for the first Double Bill at the Club in almost 28 years. A first for the Club and a successful event thanks to John Taylor’s vision. International guests were on the stage. Dos Guitars from Italy and Jazz Rascals from the Toon who presented a varied musical treat for Jazz enthusiasts in the Ashington Area.
Dos Guitars skillfully performed a selection of melodies which throughout were presented in Gypsy, Django , Latin and Jazz styles. The Duo were accomplished guitarists who had complete mastery of their instruments and responded to the warm North East welcome they received with amazing dexterity and creativity. They were so good it was difficult to believe that only two guitars were on stage for at times it resembled a quartet of scintillating and exciting music as they interchanged their roles between rhythm or lead guitar with amazing improvisations, completely in control of each musical feast. Our audience gave not one but several standing ovations - richly deserved . Their command of English was good and they related to their audience very easily and with some humour. As this was their first gig in the U.K. they appreciated the warm reception and this showed in the enthusiasm with which they played. They had interesting and sensational arrangements whether it be Blues, Lady Madonna, Sunny, Cherokee, a Stevie Wonder selection and would you believe the Benny Hill comedy show music, and of course Gypsy Jazz. All performed with dedication to their instruments. After an encore, encouraged as much by the Jazz Rascals as the members, they left our stage after what had been an exhilarating experience.
The Jazz Rascals then appeared on set to present a totally different Jazz genre and what a contrast this was to be. They offered an eclectic mix of originals and known Jazz standards which were very stylistic reflecting this groups preferences and imagery of how they perceived their view of this music art. Led by the extrovert and highly accomplished Elaine Binney on her amplified Violin with wah wah foot operation when required . she was supported by the tallest, thinnest and longest double bass ever seen here grasped gallantly by Keith Mills.(Strong Boy), with Jae Brooks (drums), Steve Brown (Keyboard) and vocalist Rachel. Together they were loud, very modern, unusual, experimental, musical, melodic, inspired, energetic, lively and exciting and much more. We loved it and were captivated by the selections and interpretations. All played an integral part in the experience. I shouldn’t make a special mention but I thought the drummer's contribution on Unsquare Dance (Brubeck) was sensational. This was a wonderful new musical experience to be enjoyed. We did.
To end this sermon we had a surprise when Dos Guitars rejoined the Rascals in a Jam Session with a spontaneous rendition of Watermelon Man. Never having met before this was explosive and electric and another first here. We could have listened until the early hours but time was called and sadly some of our members needed to be home for work the next day.
RASCALS PROGRAMME - Swan Lake, All Blues, Jokers and Kings, Summer Time, Take Five, Flying South, Unsquare Dance, Stormy Weather, Gargoyle, Autumn Leaves, Work Song. Sorry if I missed some.
Photos by Jim Fay.
May 2: Ruth Lambert Quartet.

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Anonymous said...

on our first visit to the Elephant & Ashington Jazz club, we were lucky enough to enjoy this special night of special music .......well done, & thanks for the warm welcome, we'll be back
Ray +2

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