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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Tonight at The Sage

Tonight The Sage offers up two events from the "Jazz Fringe" in the form of a couple of concerts that, although they only have a peripheral jazz connection should, nevertheless, be enjoyable experiences. 
In Hall One, legendary Beach Boy Brian Wilson Reimagines Gershwin. I'm not certain that Gershwin's music needs reimagining but, if it does, then I'm sure Wilson will give it Good Vibrations.
Have you noticed how, in later life, rock/pop stars either discover Religion or the Great American Song Book?
Over in Hall Two we have Nearly Dan. "Less tribute and more homage to the jazz-influenced Steely Dan" reads the blurb. I'm not quite sure of the difference between tribute and homage but no doubt all will be an evening where, and again I quote, "Nearly Dan's approach is faithful, though not reverential; an uncannily precise imitation."
See you there.

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Russell said...

The Steely Dan play Pennsylvania tonght. Next month the north east's very own Paul Booth tours Australia and New Zealand with Steve Winwood and Steely Dan.

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