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Today Saturday January 18



Early Bird Band - Lit & Phil, Westgate Road, Newcastle NE1 1SE. Tel: 0191 232 0192. 11:00am.


Adrian Cox Quartet - Watchtower Gallery, West End, Berwick TD15 2HE. 8:00pm. £10.00. Cox touring new CD ‘Now is Spring’.


Ray Stubbs R & B All-Stars - Billy Bootleggers, Nelson St, Newcastle NE1 5AN. 9:00pm. Free.

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Thursday, September 08, 2011


Olive Rudd (vcl); Herbie Hudson (tmb/hca/vcl); Jim McBriarty (clt/sop/vcl); George Richardson (keys); Alan Rudd (bs); Mike Humble (dms).
A typical afternoon in Rosie's. The Maine Street Jazzmen were in good fettle as they dished up the familiar menu that, it has to be said that, "Age cannot wither nor custom change its infinite variety" (Shakespeare)..
Olive opened up with All of Me and I wondered if this was a tribute to Margaret whose funeral I attended yesterday or just coincidence. Probably the latter although I'd like to think that maybe - just maybe - it was a last farewell from the otherside. Whatever - Olive sang it well.
George Ricco produced banjo effects on the Yamaha keyboard - no Xmas card for him this year! However, the Shearing-like sounds he produced later more than made up for this minor indiscretion.
Olive also sang Back In Your Own Backyard which posed the question as to where was the jolly George who, when not demanding Hello Dolly would volubly call for BIYOB? George hasn't been sighted for a week or too - perhaps he too is back in his own backyard!
It was a good session to the extent that even the lack of bar snacks didn't detract from.

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