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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Slow Boat To China perhaps?

Mal Maddock posted this evocative photo of the Joe Loss band playing on a cruise ship. Doesn't it just bring back memories of a bygone era? The band, the dancers, the gowns... Malcolm has promised to send more details (not too much information Mal!) of the trip.
Also, as so many jazz musicians spent time on board the boats perhaps there are a few out there who'd like to add their memories?


Mal said...

The only info I have on the band is Lesley Ann Roberts on Vocals, Todd Miller & Larry Grettan on Vocals.. Roger Dean on Guitar, Dave Hartley (out of shot) on Piano, Joe Quinlan on Bass, Sam Whatmore on Trombone (also band manager)....It was the QE2.... I had just joined the ship with my quartet in Durban but I had worked with Lesley as she was singer at the Newcastle Mayfair before she Joined Joe.... If I get any info will let you know... Mal

Anonymous said...

Todd is still touring the country on a regular basis with Jasmine Day who has been in the orchestra for 26 years.