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Saturday January 16


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Al Di Meola and Peo Alfonsi @ Union Chapel London BluesFest 2011

Al Di Meola, Peo Alfonsi (gtrs).
No disputing Di Meola's ability - is he the fastest jazz guitarist around? Maybe, maybe not, but he's a contender and the Union Chapel congregation certainly gave him their blessing after his duo set with the Sardinian guitarist Peo Alfonsi.
This was an unusual gig for a blues festival in that the only element missing from their varied program was the 12 bar format!
Nevertheless, the duo were nothing if not dynamic with moments of lyrical tenderness interspersed with dramatic surges of intense heat emerging from the two nylon strung miked up acoustics.
Difficult to describe the music stylistically - improvised world jazz may be close!
Di Meola has technique to spare and he doesn't use it sparingly!
Alfonsi is less volatile - apart from the explosions that erupted with the abrupt climax of most pieces - and he proved in his own solo feature that he is no mere 'second banana' but an important voice in his own right.
As was the case last night a good crowd ovated on their feet and the encore got the loudest roar of the night. Pound for pound I don't think even Andy Murray drew that much applause!
The tune that did the trick was Azzura.
It was a good gig that didn't quite hit the heights of the Roy Hargrove concert the night previous.
Enjoyable though.
PS: Good to finally meet up with Sebastian Scotney of LondonJazz.

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