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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mark Williams Trio @ The Bridge

Mark Williams (gtr); Paul Susans (bs); David Carnegie (dms).
After last week's "musical" mayhem it was so therapeutic to see/hear sanity restored at The Bridge Hotel. That it was Mark Williams who re-stored normality makes last weeks debacle all the more bizarre. (At this stage I must point out that I seem to be the only one present who wasn't blown away by last week's "performance" - maybe the parade has passed me by - thank goodness! Talking parades, when I was in the RAF I was frequently the only one marching in step.)
Tonight it was jazz played by 3 master technicians who swung whilst exploring many of the varying aspects of the jazz canon.
Mark Williams was at his inventive best - his technique is phenomenal and he does it with so much feeling and underlying emotion.
Paul Susans, as well as playing double bass and bass guitar also had some original compositions of which Gamblin Man - dedicated to the late Paul Gamblin - was particularly outstanding. I hope Paul's family get to hear this as it is, quite simply, quite beautiful.
David Carnegie? He never ceases to amaze! both in solo or solid support our man is there!
Put these three guys together and you have THE TRIO!

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Roly said...

Lovely stuff. And all underpinned by very strong compositions.

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