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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Zoe Gilby Quintet - Splinter @ The Bridge.

Zoe Gilby (vcl), Mark Williams (gtr), Noel Dennis (tpt/flg), Andy Champion (bs), Richard Brown (dms).
There was a time when I was in danger of becoming slightly blasé about Zoe. I'd heard her that many times I felt she had peaked - admitedly a very high peak. However, tonight, she blew the blaséness well and truly away.
I say this, not just because she 'cited' yours truly in I Only Have Eyes For You (I knew she'd come round eventually!) but because tonight was simply the best I've ever heard her sing. Perhaps the salty Lowestoft air had added an extra something to her larynx. Whatever, our girl was absolutely at the top of her game.
Perched precariously atop golden slippers with heels not quite as high as Grey's Monument, Zoe not only looked fantastic but sounded likewise as she led us starry-eyed from Love for Sale, via Funny Valentine (natch), Night in Tunisia, Lover Come Back To Me, her own poignant Your Words, BSH's occasional correspondent George Milburn's Take It and I Didn't Know What Time It Was, to Cole Porter's I Love You. This was a blistering first set and it wasn't just Zoe who set the room on fire.
Noel Dennis too was on form he has developed into very much his own man. His solos were a delight throughout. Only regret - a little more flugel next time.
By his own standards Mark Williams was relatively subdued although he did have moments of glory both solowise and as accompanist - he will have the spotlight next week with his trio - don't miss it!
Andy Champion, was a tower of strength, as always, such is his bowed dexterity I often wonder what he'd be like on cello - there haven't been too many jazz cellists. On drums, Richard Brown has become another force to be reckoned with on the percussion scene.
The general consensus during the interval was that not only was Z singing better than ever but her stage presence too was near perfect.
That Old Black Magic kicked off the second set and once again we knew there would be no troughs just more peaks.
Zoe's take on Secret Love began a la Doris Day before seguéing into Carmen McRae's raunchier version; skull blowing moments too from Noel, Andy and Mark.
Some Cat's Know - Peggy Lee sang it on her Mirrors album and Lieber and Stoller wrote it. You want songwriters? Those two guys are up there with the greats (Love Potion Number 9 etc). Zoe gave it the Peggy treatment - I think Mrs Barbour would have approved.
Darn That Dream and Centrepiece finished the night off and I left singing I Only Have Eyes For You.

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