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Wednesday January 27



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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mark Williams Trio.

Mark Williams (gtr), Paul Susans (bs), David Carnegie (dms).
The Sunday evening Splinter @ The Bridge gigs are tailormade for Mark Williams - just about every one so far has displayed a different side to his talents.
Remember how Sammy Davis Jnr. would sing a song and do impersonations of various other singers then, when it came to the final chorus he would say dramatically "And this is me!"
Tonight, Mark Williams did just that - metaphorically speaking that is - he is a man of few words. Tonight Mark, the real Mark Williams, unveiled his true self with a couple of sets that set The Bridge on fire.
With Paul Susans (bs) and David Carnegie (dms) Mark played imaginative originals that incorporated Paul and David as equal thirds with himself. Gentle and conventional until the set closer which was a belter. No other word for it. Close your eyes and images of a jazzified Cream may pass by as all three went for it.
The second set saw Paul move from double bass to precision (or was it a jazz?) as the trio launched off into orbit. By comparision the first set was Fenwicks' Tea room - this one was Fillmore East.
Three men in a boat jumping overboard, swimming frantically in different directions then returning each one telling his own tale of adventure. It was organised chaos that all came together beautifully when it needed to.
Mark was on top of his game but what about David Carnegie? He kicked ass and good.
Paul Susans? He can mix it with the best of them and who cares if it's in 9/8 or whatever.
On stage we marvelled at Mark's dexterity - so light-fingered as to be almost unbelievable.
Even so there was someone else even more light fingered than Mark in the audience - the person or persons unknown who nicked 3 of the table candlelights.
Another good one. Next week the Claude Werner Quartet. Don't be surprised if Mark and David are on this one too!

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