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In the current climate we are doing our best to keep everyone up to date. All gigs, as we all know, are off.

However, good old YouTube has plenty to offer both old and new to help us survive whilst housebound. Plus now is a good time to stock up on your CDs.

Also, keep an eye out for live streaming sessions.

Alternatively, you could do as they do in Italy and sing from your balcony.


As we all know there are no live gigs taking place in the immediate future. However, any links to jazz streaming that are deemed suitable - i.e. with a professional approach - will be considered for posting.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

It's Worth Taking Extreme Measures to Hear Extreme Measures at the Bridge Tonight.

Top jazz rock funk band Extreme Measures play the Bridge tonight as part of the Splinter @ The Bridge series of gigs.
With David Carnegie leading from the drums and such luminaries as Gary Turner on tenor, Mark Williams, guitar, Stu Collingwood, piano, not sure about bass as Stuart Davies I think will be away, It will be a night to remember.
This is one of those bands that you will tell your grandchildren about so start now - tell your kids to go out and procreate.

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