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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Liz Gives Her Age Away!

Remember that slogan" You're never alone with a Strand!" well it came to my mind just now reading of what's on offer gig wise in the North East. What a feast...guess you're never alone in the N.E. with... "all that jaaaazz" Liz
Well Liz, fancy you being able to remember that far back!
Gig listings can be deceiving and I've been to a gig or two lately where the guy in the old Strand commercial would have been a crowd!
Just heard via Roly's Blaydon website that the club's present venue is closing down and the hunt is on for new premises. Let's hope he succeeds.
Nevertheless, the NE doesn't seem to do too bad compared to some parts of the country. What gets me are those audiences who fill venues such as The Sage yet wouldn't dream of going to hear a local band in a pub/club. They remain blissfully ignorent of the wealth of young jazz talent that there is around here; much of it emulating from the Newcastle College whose Music Dept. is very jazz orientated. I'm quite sure that Jim Birkett is, in no small way, responsible for the current upsurge in jazz guitar playing.

1 comment :

Anonymous said...

It wouldn't surprise me one bit, given Jim Birkett's talent & dedication to the youngsters. Nice man, I know that you know that he used to come to York to gig many years ago. It was to the Black Swan on Peaseholme Green. Do agree about the Sage, cannot understand folks' thinking on that subject. The prices are enough to put people off. Maybe they see it as a one off for special occasions...who knows?..their loss.
I don't personally remember that advert by the mum told me about it...honest!!!

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