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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Jazz Esquires at the Porthole

Some swingy music from the Jazz Esquires led from the back by Laurie Brown on drums. Ex Squad. Laurie's crisp brushwork ensured that "Cute" was just that with good solos all-round. "In A Mellotone" and "Strike Up The Band" also had a nice swing feel to them with Eddie Bellis's trombone as smooth as they come. On trumpet, Mick Hill had some good blasts whilst Bill Brittain (pno), Robin Douthwaite (gtr) and Bill Colledge (bs. gtr) had their own magical moments.
During the intermission one of my former musical accomplices, George Laing, played a short set on piano along with Bill Colledge and Laurie. "All of Me" and "I'll Be Seeing You" were two particularly outstanding numbers and I was pleased to note that advancing years have not dimmed his creativity.
George gave way to Colin Johnson on piano and Miles Watson on trumpet for a jam with Laurie and Robin. Dave (not Weisser but a Scottish 'Sinatra' also called Dave) bravely attempted to sing "Aint Misbehavin'", unmiked, before the band returned for a flagwaving "It Don't Mean A Thing". Miles stayed on stage for this one.
Very enjoyable and not a banjo in sight!
Miles has since informed me (see comments) that his name is Dave Bosomworth and he belongs Yorkshire.


Anonymous said...

Could the Scottish Sinatra be Bobby McDarin?

Anonymous said...

His name is Dave Bosomworth and he's from Yorkshire!

Anonymous said...

I was close!
Thanks Miles, I will correct it.

laurie brown said...

happy new year to Lance and everyone. my money was on Ronnie Pearson at first for that drummer but not that sure! Hey new year resolution-must SMILE more. just love playing those old drums so why not??? join me ???

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