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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Count Basie Live 1965 - BBC4

A black and white recording of a 1965 Basie concert was the major feature on tonight's BBC4 offering and it served as a timely reminder of just what a swinging band that outfit was. I recall, back in the mid '50s, the impact of the Basie band's first appearance in the UK. To an audience brought up on Heath, Parnell and co it wasn't just the power of the Basie brass team that left the fans gasping but the fullness of that power. Overnight, local brass sections crumbled, there'd been nothing like this since Joshua blew down the walls of Jericho (Joshua 5:13-6:27).
Of course, British brass players have come on since those days but I doubt, even in 1965 when this concert was recorded, if they'd reached these heights.
An absolutely first rate concert with Lockjaw Davis outstanding on "Jumping at the Woodside" and "Whirly Birds". Drummer Rufus Jones also worked out impressively on the latter. Eric Dixon's flute on "Blues For Eileen", Al Grey on "I Need to be Be-ed With" and of course Basie's laid back piano were other highlights. "L'il Darlin'" - the sound of that beautiful Freddie Greene guitar appeggio chord leading into that luscious sax section brought back memories of first hearing it late at night whilst lying in bed listening to Willis Connover broadcast over the Voice of America radio station. I can still remember the thrill that a million subsequent hearings of the tune will never diminish.
Tomorrow; Oscar at Ronnie Scott's, Billie Holiday & Charlie Parker documentaries.


Anonymous said...

What was the opening track? I really liked it but can't find a track list anywhere

Lance said...

All of Me
Flight of the Foo Birds
Midnight Sun Never Sets
Blues For Eileen
Jumping at the Woodside
I Needs to be Be-ed With
April in Paris
One O' Clock Jump.

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