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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Dave Connolly Shock News!

I heard last night the sad news that well known Teesside trumpet player and band leader Dave Connolly has died. No further details are available at present. Lance. YouTube link from John Moorley.


Anonymous said...

Very, very sad. Dave was an amazing guy.

Anonymous said...

he was a great musician/ arranger/engineer, he will be missed , stu c

Anonymous said...

RIP Dave - you will be deeply missed. Fiona & Steve

john moorley said...

I first got to know Dave last autumn. I’d seen him around College and in the White Horse where he was a regular and where my girlfriend and I occasionally visit late Saturday pm. I introduced myself; we immediately warmed to each other, clearly shared taste in music and seemed to have much else in common.

When we had spoken to him about three times he produced two complimentary tickets for us to attend the Newcastle City Hall last November where he had put together a big band and produced the arrangements for the whole evening where Jason Isaacs was the featured singer. It was a terrific evening. Here is a clip from the event - he appears within the first 15 secs and little thereafter.

I last spoke to Dave about 2 weeks ago when I crossed the road for a meal in the White Horse and we conversed for about 40 minutes. We talked of his 'new' car, his recent and future ‘gigs’ and his enthusiasm in developing the degree course with Sunderland. His company was always most congenial.

With my limited acquaintanceship, he seemed to be thoroughly nice man with a keen sense of humour. His overriding quality seemed to be modesty. To misquote a well-known phrase, "He was extremely modest with little to be modest about". When Jason Isaacs paid tribute to him at the concert, he was hiding somewhere at the back of the stage instead of receiving the much-deserved applause.

Three weeks ago he attended the funeral of Alfie Hines, a major big band music presence in Darlington whom he had known for years and who organised the Darlington Youth Band in the late 60s and 70s and in which Dave was member. The Band gained national acclaim and well-known Jazz men attended. Recently BBC4 showed a young looking Johnny Dankworth playing with Darlington Youth Band in the early 1970s. Dave told me of his playing in Eric Delaney's Band for several years and playing in support to PJ Proby, Anita Harris and what seemed a roll call of 1970s – 90s glitterati. I was looking forward to pursuing these threads further.

I mourn Dave’s departure out of all proportion to the length of time I have known him and my 8 hours or so in his company.

John Moorley
Until recently, Chair of Bishop Auckland College

Dave Priestman said...

Hope you play better golf up there mate.

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