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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Eyes Shut Tight @ The Bridge Hotel. June 12th

Paul Baxter (double bass), Johnny Tomlinson (keyboards), Gethin Jones (drums) & Tom Harrison (alto & soprano saxophones)
Just on eight o'clock and no sign of the band. Another pint of Alnwick IPA ordered and the conversation turned to possible last minute alternatives then someone said ''they're here!''.
The band had driven non stop from an afternoon gig in Hull and made it just in time. Without any fuss they set up in double quick time and were ready to go.
The material was bassist's Paul Baxter's with a few covers thrown in for good measure.
Eyes Shut Tight (EST) is a piano trio and on this occasion there was the added attraction of saxophonist Tom Harrison. Contemporary piano trios are ten a penny and it takes something extra special for them to stand out from the crowd. Pianist Johnny Tomlinson played with taste and sensitivity, bandleader Baxter smiled contentedly throughout and drummer Gethin Jones was a class act (yet another young drummer with phenomenal technique). Guest saxophonist Tom Harrison impressed on soprano then switched to alto and showed that this is his instrument - what a player! The material was largely mid-tempo fayre with an occasional chops-testing change of gear. A bop inspired blues was the highlight of the night and Baxter unveiled a suite of tunes - Evolution, How The Sun Rises and Cactai - which was well received.

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