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Today Tuesday February 25



Classic Swing - The Ship Inn, Front Street, Monkseaton NE25 8DP. Tel: 0191 251 3677. 1:00pm. Free.


Jam session - Black Swan Bar, Newcastle Arts Centre, Westgate Road, Newcastle NE1 1SG. Tel: 0191 222 9882. 8:00pm. House trio: Dean Stockdale, Paul Grainger, Rob Walker.

A Roaring 20s Social - Durham Students' Union, Dunelm House, New Elvet, Durham DH1 3AN. 7:30pm. £12.00.,£10.00. Music student, £8.00. DUJS member. A Durham University Jazz Society event. Open to all.

Blues/Soul/Folk etc.


To the best of our knowledge, details of the above events are correct but may be subject to alteration.

Sunday, June 26, 2011


John Warren (cond./comp/arr); Henry Lowther (tpt/comp/arr); Graham Hardy, Kim Macari, Chris Caulfield, Gary Nicholas (tpts). Alex Leathard, Keith Norris, Caroline Norris, Chris Hibbard (tmb); Rod Mason, Andy Bennett, Lewis Watson, Sue Ferris, Niall Armstrong (reeds). Paul Edis (pno); Andy Champion (bs); Mark Williams (gtr); Adrian Tilbrook (dms).
The VOTNJO never fail to delight. The personel may vary slightly but you can bet the money I lost on the Northumberland Plate yesterday (£2) that the replacements will come up with the goods. Like for example the young trumpet player - a Leeds grad. - Kim Maccari. Didn't matter that the star was a trumpeter or that she was in a section of good hornmen - Kim held her own. If there is ever a Northumberland Plate for trumpet players the odds on Kim will be pretty short!
It was a good day for the ladies - Sue Ferris blew one of the best tenor solos I've heard from her and that was the first solo of the night!
But, this isn't a band for soloists - although they are plentiful - it's the compositions, the arrangements, the light and shade that John Warren or Henry Lowther produces from them. A rhythm section that any big band (delete 'big') would die for made this a memorable evening.
Oh and in case you think I'm selling Henry Lowther short - he was marvelous! It was a night when the musical earth moved... Photos. Lance.

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