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Monday, September 20, 2010

Eugene Chadbourne @ The Bridge Hotel. September 19 - Take 2.

Eugene Chadbourne (guitar, banjo & vocals), Roger Turner (drums) & Andy Champion (bass ukulele) The great man, Dr.Chad, returned to Newcastle after an absence of many years to play a gig for Jazz North East and Splinter @ The Bridge.
Looking ever more the backwoodsman hillbilly or nutty professor (take your pick), Chadbourne is on tour with the great UK free jazz drummer Roger Turner.
The first set, in the upstairs room of the Bridge Hotel, featured Chadbourne's singing and virtuosic banjo playing. The often humourous lyrics are unfailingly perceptive commentaries on the absurdities of life and when the mood takes him, subtle yet ascerbic swipes at the skewed politics of Uncle Sam.
Drummer Roger Turner has shared a stage with Chadbourne on occasion over the years and did, therefore, know what to expect. Turner played his usual game - roaming the musical landscape around him, wandering off to the horizon and making the return journey in good time.
The interval came and went, the raffle prize was snared by regular modern-day jazz troubador George M., another pint of Deuchar's IPA ordered and it was time for local hero Andy Champion to join the fray.
Champion's bull fiddle lay idle as he opted to play bass ukulele. The instrument, acquired on loan for the night by the aforementioned George M., proved to be the perfect option.
Dr.Chad and Mr.C. met for the first time an hour or so before the gig yet you wouldn't have known it as the trio performed one of the great sets heard anywhere for yonks. Bluegrass, country and western, alt country, blues, swing, jazz, r'n'b, free jazz and noise by way of Beefheart, Zappa, Zorn and more - this was astonishing stuff. In case anyone doubted Chadbourne's abilities as a guitar player (some of us never have) those doubts were dispelled with a magnificent demonstration of what can be done with the instrument if you have talent and Chadbourne has it in spades.
Champion's ukeleleing was something else - this was no sitter-in doing his best to hang in there, this was an equal partner in a truly memorable three way musical conversation. Can you imagine Chadbourne doing Stardust? Well, he did. It was brilliant. Indescribable but brilliant. My gig of the year was one of those grand affairs at the Gateshead Jazz Festival. Dr.Chad at the Bridge warrants a rethink. Next week at Splinter @ the Bridge there is another 'must hear' guitarist - the great Gary Boyle (last in Newcastle several years ago at a Jazz North East gig at the Corner House). Hearing him at the Bridge should be just grand. Russell


George Milburn said...

You're right, there was something magical about last night Russell - I'm almost tempted to chase down to London to get another fix from Doctor Eugene - easier said than done! I'm listening to my raffle prize, Alister Spence trio, FIT, on headphones right now - it's good.
Enjoyed your Take 2 to remind me of the Stardust delivery - he's the ultimate therapist ; "Dr Chad will see you now."

George Milburn said...

Don't just do something - sit there!

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