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Friday, July 24, 2009

Madeleine Peyroux

For those whose tastes lean towards the classier vocalists there is a program on Madeleine Peyroux on BBC 4 tonight at 10:30 and repeated later in the evening/morning.
Should be worth switching on the telly for.
(There were actually two programmes)
The first program began really well as Madeleine and her mother described their early days living in Paris - they'd moved to France when Madeleine was 13. Talking of nights spent busking in the Latin Quarter or on the Paris Metro you could almost inhale the smoke from a discarded Gauloise or taste the dregs of a bottle of Absinthe. Great stuff.
Afterwards, the setting changed to the States and it became a bit more show businessy. We didn't get any real insight into her disappearances and unpredictable behaviour. Nevertheless, it is worth watching - it's on BBC iplayer.
The second program is a live concert in L.A. that I'm listening to as I type. I'm beginning to notice how samey everything is. A change of tempo would help but somehow, each tune sounds like the one before.
Having said that, it is still very pleasant and - damn! I've accidentally switched off the iplayer! I'll hear the rest tomorrow - or will I? I think I know what it will be like.


Hil said...

Oh! thank you so much for alerting me to this Lance.
I have loved listening to Madeleine since I first heard her on Parky's radio programme. Now have all her albums. Unfortunately the only time I saw her being interviewed she was so reserved and shy the interview was quite embarrassing. That was a few years ago perhaps she has now overcome her shyness?
One of my favourite songs she sings is 'Dance me to the end of love' This was written by Leonard Cohen in 1984.
It is also the title of one of my favourite prints by Jack Vettriano.
Vettriano’s 'Dance Me To The End Of Love' depicts a couple in the foreground of the painting in full evening dress, and in the background another two couples can be seen waltzing. This painting has all the classic Vettriano characteristics - evoking a theme of classy elegance in times gone by. It can be seen (by prior appointment) hanging in my home.

Hilary ...;o)

Lance said...

It can be seen (by you) in my home anytime without appointment.
I have a book of Vettriano paintings that are really brilliant. I know the so-called art experts hate him but I love his work. I saw an exhibition of his in London a few years back and I was knocked out.
Edward Hopper's work has the same effect on me.

Liz said...

Yes I agree Lance..too samey. As much as I love her voice, and particularly the number that Hil mentioned " Dance me to the end of love" I would have prefered more variation

Hil said...

You know something guys I totally agree with you. I actually gave up on it before the end of the concert, as I was starting to nod off. This is the lady who earlier in the day was a big fan of hers.
There was no light and shade was there? everything sounded the same, slightly boring after awhile Excitement was lovely songs played by good musicians. When I listen to good jazz I like to think to myself, "wow how are they going to get out of this one?" You know when the wheel sounds as if its just about to come off? but it doesn't
Still will play her cd's from time to time tho.


With apologies to all the musicians reading my inarticulate explanations of what jazz means to me, a non musician...;o)

I can almost hear my ex saying to me "you dont know what your talking about"

Lance said...

Mike wouldn't say that to you, would he Hil?
And Liz, nice to have you back on board - hope you are well.

Val D said...

I loved Madeleine's programmes last night Lance, and I love singing 'Dance me to the end of love' and yep I've got the print of Jack's picture I love his work too, I love the fact he is a rough diamond, with a sensual side to his art.

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