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Monday, May 04, 2009

Vieux Carré Jazzmen @ The Corner House

John Cowan (cor/vcl), Lawrence McBriety (tmb), Barry Soulsby (clt/alt/vcl), Eric Brooks (pno), Bill Brooks (bs), Brian Bennett (bjo/gtr), Fred Thompson (dms/vcl).
A rousing "At The Jazz Band Ball", complete with vocal from Fred Thompson, got things off to a foot-tapping start. John Cowan, depping for Peter Wright, provided a solid cornet lead that remained constant throughout the evening. Barry and Lawrence soared and slid above and below with the piano augmented rhythm section giving that extra impetus. This was more Dixieland than New Orleans. However, they were soon back to the Delta with, I think, "Miss Magnolia" where they stayed awhile before "My Blue Heaven" took them back upstream.
As well as JC, the Brooks, who aren't related except in jazz, were also depping.
The bass-playing Brooks is a well known figure on the trad circuit and deservedly held in high esteem but Brooks, The Piano, was an unknown quantity to me and he proved to be a fine two fisted player well versed in the idiom.
A good stomping session with an interval buffet that could easily have fed five thousand; perhaps JC's talents go beyond mere cornet playing...


Russell said...

Hi Lance

A good session and as you say a mammoth feast !


Liz said...

Ah memories.."At the jazz band ball" was the very first number that I ever jived to in our local dance hall. In those early days we were only allowed to jive in the interval of the traditional ballroom variety, and only in a corner too.

John T said...

Bill Brooks was with the V.C. band when I went every Friday to the New Orleans Club. The programme was more mixed then. Half way through the night Clive Grey would play solo and jazz up some George Formby songs - I think on a ukulele banjo. When the V.C. came to Ashington in the 50's (before my time) they were known as the V.C. jazz band and skiffle group.
I seem to remember Clems band in the 60's did some skiffle at half time, with Clem moving on to guitar or was it bass?

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