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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

All The Cats Join In - Jamming at the Chilli.

Dave Weisser (tpt/vcl), John Rowland, Darren Grainger (ten), Laurie Brown (vibes), Barry Ashcroft (pno), Stuart Davies (gtr), Jim Crinson (bs), Scott Adair (dms). + Paul Gowland (alt), David Carnegie (pno), Chris Finch (pno).
Never a dull moment at The Chilli. Tonight was reminiscent of one of the old Buck Clayton Jam Sessions with chorus after chorus all round and a degree of uncertainty as to if and when it will start and end. However, the stuff in the middle was great with gutsy tenor solos from Darren and John, Milesian (Davis that is) trumpet from Dave, intricate guitar work from Stuart and Laurie Brown giving the vibes (or the electric glockenspiel as one member of the audience remarked) a hot mallet workout.
"Well You Needn't" got things moving with guest Scott Adair on drums keeping the momentum going and Dave plucking some rare turns of phrase from within the progression.
Laurie was outstanding on his own arrangement, courtesy of Milt Jackson, of "Angel Eyes" which somehow managed to be in 3/4 time. Intentional or accidental it worked!
"Beautiful Love" also kicked for home. Chris Finch sat in on piano and Paul Gowland blew alto.
Chris has the "Real Book" on his iphone which is very useful - providing your mother/wife/girlfriend or bank manager doesn't call during the middle eight of "Epistrophy".
Paul and Laurie had a series of fours (or was it eights?) that lifted the game before the guys took it out in style.
"Killer Joe" also rocked with David Carnegie on piano and a wild guitar thrash by Stuart Davies.
Underpinning the lot was the effervescent Barry Ashcroft on piano, Jim Crinson - back to stand-up bass this week - and Scott Adair who drove things along with powerful precision.
A nice one. Photos.


Russell said...

Hi Lance

Great to hear Scott Adair swing things along all night long. Jim Crinson could / should be Dave Weisser's double bassist of choice !


cptfinch said...

Ha Ha, yes that did happen once. Someone rang me during a performance and I had to quickly cut them off. I'll second Russell's comments above.

Laurie Brown said...

Hi Lance thanks for you kind comment about "Angel Eyes". With no
run through or time to discuss the
number it was very much 'seat of the pants'! The 3/4 might have been a misinterpretation of my intro?
Turned out ok though! Thank goodness it wasnt Moonglow!!
Great to see Scotty after too many years and to hear him playing so well.

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