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Saturday January 16


Saturday, February 21, 2009

In a Sentimental Mood - Not!

I reported earlier on the imminent demise of Jazz Journal International. To many of us it is rather sad - to many of us but not, it would seem, all.
Today I was in South Shields' library and I observed a gentleman of some considerable summers, and possibly even more winters, reading the February edition of JJI.
Here, I thought, is a kindred spirit, one with whom I will be united in grief.
"That's the last one," I said nodding towards the magazine.
"Last what?" he replied.
"Last edition of Jazz Journal".
"Not bothered," he said.
"Been going since 1949" I ventured.
He shrugged and turned away - I realised later that, to a man of his veneration, 1949 was probably little more than yesterday so, after a couple of more abortive attempts at conversation, I left him to carry on reading about Herbie Hancock.

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