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Lew Shaw (Syncopated Times' columnist): "My interest [at 95] is in classic jazz. The numbers aren't what they were 40 years ago, but I'm encouraged by the number of young musicians playing that style and the young audiences they attract." - (The Syncopated Times January 2021)

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Hudson Music: Lance's "Bebop Spoken Here" is one of the heaviest and most influential jazz blogs in the UK.

Rupert Burley (Dynamic Agency): "BSH just goes from strength to strength".


12,365 (and counting) posts since we started blogging 12 years ago. 84 of them this year alone and, so far, 84 this month (Jan. 17).

Monday January 18


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hitting the High Notes

Back in the 1950s the Kenton Band paid its first visit to Newcastle City Hall. All the local brassmen were in awe of the power and range of the American trumpet players. In between sets, a local jazzman - he may have been a drummer - said to one of the starry-eyed horn players; "You ain't heard nothin' yet; for the second set they put their mouthpieces in."

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