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Monday, January 30, 2012

Play it "Again" Doris, Mel, Nat...

This is such a great song that it amazes me that no one does it these days. From the 1940's film Roadhouse where Ida Lupino didn't mime it to Peg La Centra's vocal as she did in The Man I Love but actually sang it herself (it's on YouTube.) The melody and the lyric (The music was written by Lionel Newman, the words by Dorcas Cochran)  are so powerful that, to me, it's close to perfection in a song.
We'll have this moment forever - but never, never, again.
Mel Tormé and Nat Cole also did the song justice in fact it was the Tormé version that first hipped me to it.
A pianist friend from way back - one Derek Hunter - used to play a Shearing version and the chordal fill-ins were magic (50% George and 50% Derek).
Zoe, Ruth, Claire, Lindsay let's hear it!
PS: Olive, you could make this your own!


Liz said...

I don't know how you find these gems Lance, this is a lovely number and it is years since I last heard sure know a good thing when it comes along. DD was who every girl wanted to be in the 50's, me included, and I'm sure I foxtroted to this song in that era.. ahhh!

Lance said...

Shame we never went to the same dances!

Liz said...

I know! but we are still appreciating this wonderful music over half a century later, and I meant to say that background harmony so set the mood,all the numbers seemed to have them in those days

Liz said...

just listened to Mel's version ..swoon swoon! interesting Beguine rhythm...OMG if only I could have seen him live, I think I would have felt I had died & gone to Heaven...I noticed in the shots of him whilst it was playing that he developed fuller hair in his later I guess it was a toupée..with that voice he could get away with murder never mind a rug..

Lance said...

Old Blue Eyes and the Old Groaner both had "Enhanced" hair so why should the Velvet Fog be any different?
As you know I did see Tormé with Shearing and Carmen McRae at the RFH and it was a truly magical evening. You, I know, also saw Sinatra at Albert Hall so between us we have seen the best!

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