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Sunday, January 01, 2012

New Years Eve Jam @ The Jazz Café

A fun and interesting night filled to near capacity with musicians and others who followed this alternative celebration to bring in the New Year..Spirited Keith was dishing out christmas crackers, mince pies and biscuits for his guests. 
The night began with a set by the Bud Tones (featuring a promising guitarist called Richard Herdman from London, originally from Leadgate in County Durham). Safe Sextet kept the mood in good shape. I can't help but acknowledge Alan Law for his incredible sense of dynamics which moved me as a pianist. In addition, his Sainsburys champagne was also a treat! 
Pete Gilligan put together an amazing set and helped us to bring in the New Year with Georgia On My Mind, including a group of us in the corner singing the lyrics. The last note coincided with the clock striking midnight. 
A break followed for everyone to congratulate and fill up their glasses. A jam consisting of many musicians burst enthusiastically into a Blues in F, rhythm changes (Oleo) and Miles' Four
Claire Kelly and Julija Jolie appeared by then to provide eloquent vocals to songs such as This Masquerade and Wave. As people began to dimiss themselves from the bandstand to the bar for the rest of the night or to bed, the music continued in the form of a Catalonian guitarist intriguing our ears to the sounds of flamenco. 
My evaluation of the night was simply the best jam I had ever attended! Thank you to the musicians who attended to make that possible, and above all to Keith for his determination to preserve a jazz scene in Newcastle.
Harley Johnson.

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