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Friday, January 28, 2011

RIP Gordon Bache.

Received the sad news yesterday that jazz organist Gordon Bache died on Monday Jan 24. Gordon was well remembered for his work in the '70s and '80s with Ronnie Pearson.
They were a convivial pair who got a good groove going and were popular around the night club circuit.
Later Gordon played at The Porthole, North Shields.
If anyone could add to these sketchy details it would be appreciated.
From Evening Chronicle:
BACHE (Blyth). Passed peacefully in hospital on 24th January, aged 68 years, Gordon, will be sadly missed by partner Pat and children Ann, Carol, Stuart, Getan, Emma and Katie and brother Ken and family. Would friends please meet for service at Blyth Crematorium, Cowpen Road on Tuesday 1st February at 3.00pm. Family flowers only please. A collection will be taken on the day in aid of Palliative Care, Wansbeck Hospital.
Condolences to Gordon's family.


Mal Maddock (on Facebook) said...

Ever so sad.... What a great player.... Last time I saw him was at the porthole.....

Andy Hudson said...

He was the definitive "Hammond Man" - not just from a playing point of view but he spent much time in the 70's when I knew him better, building and restoring them.
There was little that he didn't know about the analogue world of valves - The last time I spoke to him would have been a couple of years ago when I asked if he might know how to fix what appeared to be a terminal fault on my Yamaha Clavinova keyboard. His reponse was swift and in that twang (East Midlands - I think) he riposted - "That's Digital - Don't do Digital"
There was a great warmth in his playing of the Hammond, It seemed as if he had extra fingers pressing down those fat chords

Anonymous said...

I can add a little bit! Gordon played with my late husband (who was a fellow muso) and they had a resident band in the late nineties at the Barking Dog Social Club in Wallsend. Gordon was a legendary player and the sound of his Lesley/ Sharma Cabinets was fab! I believe he also played with Emile Ford and the Checkmates at some point in his career.

He was also a good watch/clock mender!

He will be sadly missed and my thoughts are with Patricia & Family.

Brian Hughes said...

Played many times with Gordon,NOBODY could play the Hammond like him,the sound of his big chords were awesome and the power he generated blew many a Leslie speaker.
He played in Birmingham pubs when he was only 13 or 14. At that time his favourite piano player was winnifred Atwell.Later he worked with Emile Ford and many others.
Two of his favourite musicians were organists Jimmy Mcgriff and Jimmy Smith.
He was extremely clever not only with watches and clocks,he knew a hammond organ inside out and could repair anything.He spent a lot of time with my son Leon in the 80s and taught him how to make burglar alarms, phone taps , listening devices, and about electronics in general. I will always appreciate the knowledge he passed to Leon.
What a great player and talent,I will miss him.
Brian Hughes

Getan Kenyon Nee Bache said...

Imagine the warmth I felt from reading these comments about my lovely Dad. All of which I knew to be true but to hear others say it confirms that pedestal I have had him on all of my life was certainly justified. My dad was indeed a very gifted man, in many ways and a true legend. He would not have wanted to grow old and decrepit so please celebrate his life and the times you shared with him. Myself and my family will miss him dreadfully but we have memories in droves to help us smile and laugh about our times together.

Leon Hughes said...

I have many fond memories of Gordon and indeed spent a lot of time with him in the late 80's. He was a fun person to be around and talented with so many things. I lost touch with him over the years and unfortunately only heard of his death on the grapevine. His passion for electronics certainly rubbed off on me and he provided me with much direction in my younger years. Among his talents Gordon was a wonderful curry chef. I remember turning up to his house to do electronics stuff and he'd regularly have a restaurant sized pan of curry on the go. You could smell it before he opened the front door. I remember him saying 'some people put in loads of coriander, but that spoils it. You only need a bit!' He lived in various places over the years, but I specifically remember when he lived in New York (North Shields) and at John Hedley's house at Percy Park. For some reason John had an assortment of broken TV's. Gordon didn't have much at the time, so his first task was to find the best telly of the bunch and get it working so he had something to watch. I remember going round and him saying 'most of them are sh*te, but I managed to make a gudden out of two'. Later he got together with Pat and I remember when they lived next to the incinerator at Howden and he came up with the endearing phrase of G'Batchy and Fart ( G. Bache and P. Hart). It was after that when they moved to Blyth and I lost touch. Other memories from somewhere in the middle Gordon restored the Clock at Whitley Bay Metro station. I remember he had his picture in the paper. I built a crystal oscillator for him that provided a pulse every 30 seconds to trigger movement of the hands on the clock. Ronnie Pearson lived next to the Metro and Gordon used to borrow his ladders to get up the tower. We went around once to get the ladders and the next door neighbour thought we were burglars.
As many have said already, Gordon was a fantastic organ player. I've never heard anyone play like him. He was especially good playing with Ronnie doing Jazz stuff and I remember when they had a residency at the Station hotel. I used to go with my dad on a Friday night to watch.
Many many memories and a shame I didn't get the chance to see him more recently.

Katie Bache said...

I'm Katie, Gordon's daughter. I just want to thank you for starting a blog about my Dad. He was a lovely man and we were all very touched to read the lovely comments written by everybody. Katie

wilky said...

I am sorry, I have just heard about the sad loss of Gordon today. I lived near the Porthole a few years ago when Trish (the self named Miss PHart) worked in the Chain Locker. I have very fond memories of them both & although I only got down to the Porthole a couple of times a year since I moved, if I saw Gordon,he was kind enough to remember me. Happy memories of a great couple.
Terry (white van man)

Roy said...

Hi folks,

My name's Roy Pearson. I'm Ronnie Pearson's son. Just found out today about Gordon. I've spent the last 30 years obsessing about aircraft crashes because he instilled that in me and that was one of his passions. I also remember gigging with him and he always jammed his shoe in the Lesley speaker to stop it spinning.

He did and will affect me always, btw I'm 47 now. Best to you all. Roy Pearson

Emma said...

Hi, I am Emma, Gordons daughter, I have read all of your comments briefly but not enough to appreciate the kind words that you have sent. It wasn't that I didn't want to post on this site I just found it too hard. Well I have now and I don't know if anyone will see this. My dad was so special but to see you all think the same. thank you all xxxx

Lance said...

Emma, folk who knew and loved your dad will read it (Top left hand column.) I don't have to tell you how well respected he was.

Katie Bache said...

We still can't believe our lovely Dad isn't here anymore, clearly he was a well loved and respected man and reading all this just puts in concrete how wonderful he really was, not that we didn't already know. He is a great miss to all who knew him especially his daughters. To hear people still so highly of him is a real heart warming story and I can never get enough of people's stories and learning about my dad before I was born and. I especially love listening to my mum and 2 big sisters. He will always be in my heart xxx

Anonymous said...

Katie / Emma - you probably don't remember me, but I have fond memories of both of you particularly when you lived at New York and your dad had a Chevette. For whatever reason I still remember Katie crying in her cot when the Ferrero Rocher advert was on...

This says 1993, but I'm sure it was earlier than that!

Hope you are both doing well.


Gordon Forfar said...

Just read this and feel sad.Met Gordon in 1963 (ish) at Tatbank Social Club,Rood End,Birmingham when he was a signalman at nearby Langley Station,but that is a long story.He was learning Bass Guitar and my mate John was an excellent guitarist,they used to practice Beatle hits in the changing room at the Golf Club where I was Assistant Pro.(Acoustics were great)and we would often go to the nightclub in the Birmingham Rotunda where Gordon was in the resident Trio (part of the Mecca group I think).He got the job with Emile Ford and would be away for 6 months doing the summer camps in Sweden and I remember him taking us to Emile Fords house Cotes Hall in Eccleshall,Stafford in a brand new minivan that I think belonged to his mate Ronnie Pearson.We had some great times for Gordon was fantastic company and his piano / organ playing was incredible.We lost touch with Gordon when he went to York as resident organist at some club(again I believe part of the Mecca group).Will always remember what great times we had in our youth and how sad we lost touch with such a great guy.

Emma Bache said...

Just happened to look at this site not expecting such recent comments ( within the last year) it's coming up to 3 years for my dad and this year he would have had a new grandson archie. I'm emma his daughter and my son archie is so like him. Please keep posting your thoughts. It keeps his memory alive xx

Tom Fox said...

So sorry to read of Gordon's death, and that it has taken so long to post.
I had the good fortune to sing and play many times with Gordon at the Royal British Legion club, Whitley Bay, from the mid 90's 'till 2003, was there anything he couldn't play on his keyboard?
Gordon was also kind enough to play at our wedding, at Cullercoats Methodists.
Gordon had a vast knowledge of obscure subjects, never a dull moment in his company.
A gentleman who will never be forgotten

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