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Monday, April 06, 2009

Unsung Heroes

In an earlier post I pointed out that Bud Shank played flute on "California Dreaming" by the Mamas and the Papas. This led me to ponder upon other Pop/Jazz combinations.
Phil Woods, I know, blew the great alto solo on Billy Joel's "Just The Way You Are" and Ronnie Scott did the tenor work on The Beatles' "Lady Madonna". Harry Edison stamped his identity on stuff by Ella and Frank and Eddie Lang played guitar on a lot of Bing Crosby sides; any other unsung, more recent, heroes?


Roly said...

Nearly but not quite!
Buddy Holly recorded 'True Love Ways' with a very nice tenor solo. I always wondered if it might have been Getz. Just looked on Google and it was either Boomie Richman or Sam Taylor - both top session men. Al Caiola on gtr too.
You can hear the song on YouTube.

Roly said...

Barney Kessell played on many pop recordings apparently - The Beach Boys, Phil Spector, Monkees etc. He was one of the famous 'Wrecking Crew' - a team of session guys on call for studio 'pop' session work.
See -
George Barnes did a lot of that in his day too.


Lance said...

...And who could forget Barney's intro to Julie's "Cry Me A River"?
Then again, Bert Weedon did his fair share of anonymous backing in this country - do we class Bert as a jazzman?

shepherdlass said...

I elieve the late great Dick Morrissey played the baritone sax solo on Lou reed's "Walk On The Wild Side"

regards from Dave The Rave

russell said...

Hi Lance

Geordie hero Sting employed the talents of Branford Marsalis, Kenny Kirkland and others on at least one album and I remember seeing them with Mr.Sumner at Newcastle City Hall.

In the world of the Silver Screen I'm sure Plas Johnson played the well known sax part on the theme tune to Blake Edwards' film '' The Pink Panther '' .


Lance said...

Thanks for that info on Lou Reed's "Take A Walk On The Wild Side", Dave.
Incidentally, I'd love to have your choices for our "Discs To Die For". 5 Discs, 1 per artist, avoid duplication. Previous choices at top of right hand column on front page. "Kind of Blue" is banned!

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