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Zoë Gilby (APPJAG award winner): "Just to be shortlisted for the [All Party Parliamentary Jazz Appreciation Group] award was enough for me." - (The Northern Echo January 16, 2020)


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Today Saturday January 18



Early Bird Band - Lit & Phil, Westgate Road, Newcastle NE1 1SE. Tel: 0191 232 0192. 11:00am.


Adrian Cox Quartet - Watchtower Gallery, West End, Berwick TD15 2HE. 8:00pm. £10.00. Cox touring new CD ‘Now is Spring’.


Ray Stubbs R & B All-Stars - Billy Bootleggers, Nelson St, Newcastle NE1 5AN. 9:00pm. Free.

To the best of our knowledge, details of the above events are correct but may be subject to alteration.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Barney Kessel - A Guitar Legend. New book by Maurice Summerfield.

For jazz guitar fans... Newcastle resident Maurice J. Summerfield has written and published what may well be the definitive biography of his long-time friend the late, legendary guitarist, Barney Kessel. "Barney Kessel - A Jazz Legend'', with a foreword by Howard Alden, is published by Maurice's company, Ashley Mark Publishing.
His earlier tome -'' The Jazz Guitar. Its Evolution and its Players,'' has, since its publication in 1978, become the reference book for jazz guitar historians. It is also published by Ashley Mark.
Ashley Mark Publishing, incidentally, are based in Blaydon - that popular pickers' paradise.

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