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Monday, September 08, 2008

Mark Williams Trio at the Side Café

Another adrenalin pumping session from the Mark Williams Trio; Mark (gtr), Paul Sousands (bs) and David Carnegie (dms). If it seems as though David Carnegie is on just about every gig it is because he usually is! However, that is soon to change as he is, so I'm told, about to move back to the Caribbean. Savour him whilst he's still here folks.
Hopefully Mark is not returning to the Emerald Isle in the immediate future as that too would be a big loss to the local scene. Tonight, he effortlessly moved from explorative balladry to Pink Floydlike thrashes with an occasional, almost imperceptible, nod towards Nashville.
David, of course, was his usual powerhouse self and my one big regret at his imminent departure is that of never having heard him with a big band. I rather feel that might have been something special.
Although bassist Paul Sousands, possibly because of the nature of his instrument, is the least flamboyant member of the trio, his contribution is no less important. His solo work was imaginative; his ensemble playing more than mere timekeeping.
As if that wasn't enough, in the ensuing jam, Roly Veitch played his own composition "Calypso Jim" dedicated originally to Jim Hall but tonight as a thank you to David Carnegie.
It was a delightful vignette and gave a timely reminder that Roly is a master of his chosen style.

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