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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What's New?

This morning a wonderful sound came filtering out of the kitchen from the Terry Wogan Show of all things. It was Linda Ronstadt singing "What's New?" surely one of the top ten songs of the 20th century. Like "Stardust" a perfect match of music and lyrics. I believe the story behind it is that Bob Haggard wrote the tune in 1938 and Johnny Burke promised to write words for it and then forgot, some years later when they met Haggard asked about the lyric and Burke said he had them in his office and would go and get them. An hour later he came back with the newly written words and the rest as they say is history, and he changed the title from "I'm Free" to "What's New?" There is still hope for Radio 2.


Lance said...

I've got the original LP. Arrangements by Nelson Riddle. I reckon the other titles could qualify in the all-time list as well:
I've Got A Crush on You/I Guess I'll Hang My Tears Out To Dry/Crazy He Calls Me/Someone to Watch Over Me/I Don't Stand a Ghost of a Chance With You./What'll I Do?/ Loverman/ Goodbye.

Liz said...

Well Miles, nowadays I despair of Radio 2. They used to broadcast so much good stuff, particularly on a Sunday. Now all we have of the standards is David Jacobs at 11pm. This is just too late for many people of a certain age I feel. Gillian Reynolds says it all in her columns.She was always on with Parky in the days gone by & she adores the pre 1960's stuff. However, getting back to your words on "What's new?" you sure got that right...a wonderful number

Hil said...

The song is wonderful I totally agree. However I smile whenever I hear it played. It reminds me of a certain gentleman singer (not a geordie chap!!??) serenading just me with this particular number in the Jazz Cafe when I was sitting next to him about 20 yrs fact that the band were actually playing another tune didn't deter him in the slightest. I wonder if anyone can guess who it was?..;o)


Lance said...

Let me guess - it was either Mike or Dave the Rave? (Neither of them Geordie's)

Hil said...

Well it wasn't Mike....;o)

Mike used to play the trumpet and sing to me 'Cant Get Started with you' One of his favourite trumpet players Bunny Berigan recorded it in 1937.
I found this on Youtube with Maynard and Al Hirt
The last time Mike played it for me was at the Cork Jazz Festival in about 1990. He sounded fine...but one drunken Irish man ruined it for him by asking him if it was him playing and singing? When Mike replied..the Irish man said "Well stick to the f****** trumpet"....Sadly he never did sing it again...;o)