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Thursday February 25



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Saturday, June 06, 2009

Blues For Mister Charlie (Carmichael).

12 years ago today my very dear friend Charlie Carmichael died. A brilliant sax, clarinet and flute player he was also a good mate who loved music and life and, above all, a good laugh. I've never known anyone who knew quite as many jokes as Charlie did and he could turn anything, even his own terminal illness into a joke - Nigel Stanger showed similar qualities.
On one of his last trips out Charlie visited the Porthole. The first person he met told him that Jimmy Stewart had died. The next guy said that Eric Agnew had died. Charlie replied, "Do you think I've got time to go to the bog?"
Will always be missed.
Lance. (I'm the one on the right - circa 1980)


Alan Rudd said...

I have fond memories of Charlie as he often used to sit in with some of the bands I played with many moons ago.
I know for sure I have a tape recording of a gig from that era with Charlie on it. I can't recall the exact line up at present.
It may take a bit of tracking down, as I was always recording sessions in those days, but I think I might still have it. If you are interested I will try to find it for you.

Lance said...

Yes, I'd like that very much.

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