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Vieux Carré Hot 4 - Spanish City Plaza, Whitley Bay NE26 1BG. 12:00 - 3:00pm. Free.

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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Take It To The Bridge - The Chilli

The curate hatched a few eggs at the Chilli tonight. One of the better ones in the first set was "Billie's Bounce" with Dave W scatting and blowing his distinctive muted horn. I've never quite worked out why he has a mike attached to the bell of the trumpet when he's blowing into another mike already? Mysterioso. Young Tom on alto and tenor rounded off the frontline and they got a good sound on most numbers although "Night in Tunisia" had a moment or two of mayhem.
The second set saw the band segue from quintet to nonet (nine) and "Beautiful Love" was as funky as it gets. Don Forbes and another trumpet player whose name I didn't catch joined Dave in the trumpet section whilst one of the lasses who played a couple of weeks ago sat in on tenor. Again I didn't catch her name but that's her on the far right of the photo. Got a good sound. David C on piano and on drums a couple of numbers later plus Daniel on guitar alongside John Pope completed the line up as Barry and Eric 'took 5'.
"My Funny Valentine" looked like lasting until next Valentine's Day as solo after solo unravelled. Not that their was anything wrong with the solos there were just too many of them for such a slow number. A better bet when there are so many on stage would be a ballad medley. That way it wouldn't be any shorter but at least there'd be a bit of variety.
Still a small quibble for a session that had its moments.

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