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Thursday, February 28, 2019

Remember when...

Hi Lance, just recalled a visit to Gateshead Odeon in the early 1950's to see Nat King Cole & the Johnny Dankworth band, Great night, made better by finding out that one of my  childhood friends was there, having married one of Dankworth’s trumpet players so I got to meet them all after the concert. Just wondered if any of your readers remember the Sunday night concerts of those days?
Tommy Henderson


Lance said...

Tommy, who could forget those Sunday nights at Newcastle Odeon or the Essoldo?
I missed Nat King Cole at Gateshead - I either left it too late and it was sold out or else my folks wouldn't give me the money for a ticket. I think I was still at school and the seats were quite expensive.
At a more mundane level in Newcastle - it was where I came in. The good burghers of Newcastle decreed that films on a Sunday violated the Sabbath whereas jazz bands didn't! So, at the Odeon you could hear such as the Ted Heath and Jack Parnell big bands whilst, across town, at the Essoldo, smaller groups like Mick Mulligan, The Saints, Crane River and other trad bands held sway.
Happy days!

Tommy Henderson said...

Happy days indeed Lance, I saw Ted Heath at the Odeon, Vic Lewis Chris Barber,& even Little Richard at the Essoldo, Lionel Hampton & Count Basie at the City Hall, And the Modern Jazz Quartet at the Downbeat Club. They called into Greys Club a few years later to say hello & sit in with my group. nice memories!

Liz said...

I saw Nat King Cole at the Rialto in York, as well as all the big bands. It was owned by Jack Prendergast ( John Barry's dad) he was amazing,he brought all the big stuff to little old York. At the King Cole gig, I remember him playing " Rambling Rose" honestly , you could have heard a pin drop. Similarly when Ted Heath came on one of his many visits, Lita Roza was singing one of her smokey numbers, and my (then) boyfriend called out "Daddy buy me that for Christmas!" of course, it brought the house down!

Liz said...

Remembering Grey's Club in Newcastle. On one of my visits to stay with my aunt in Hebburn in the 60's, we went to see the late wonderful Marian Montgomery, Laurie Holloway's wife.

Tommy Henderson said...

Hi Liz, The lovely Marian Montgomery brought Laurie Hollaway with her for her weeks cabaret at Greys Club, and my pianist Kenny Morell went on vibes, We had a marvellous week with them! a bit like the week Cleo Lane was on, Johnny Dankworth came up with her, On the first night we had most of the Count Basie band in the audience along with her friend Annie Ross cheering her on. What a night for the Jazz loving audience! I'll never forget it!

Liz said...

Wonderful Tommy. I remember there was standing room only the night we were there, and we actually sat on the floor for Marian's set,( literally at her feet!) so informal, we have seen/heard the best of times...

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