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Tuesday December 18


Classic Swing - The Ship, Front St., Monkseaton NE25 8DP. 1pm. Free.


Gala Big Band - Gala Theatre & Cinema, Millennium Place, Durham DH1 1WA. Tel: 03000 266 600. 7:30pm. £10.00. & £8.00. ‘The Gala Big Band Does Christmas’. SOLD OUT!

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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Classic Swing @ The Ship, Monkseaton - July 31.

Olive Rudd (vocals); Bob Wade (trumpet/flugel/clarinet); Jim McBriarty (clarinet/tenor); Neville Hartley (trombone); Colin Haikney (piano); Alan Rudd (bass); Tommy Graham (drums) + Gordon Solomon (trombone).
(Review by Lance/photos by Russell).
The Metro reached Monkseaton without mishap enabling us to reach The Ship - built in 1688 - just in time for Classic Swing to kick off their regular Tuesday lunchtime session.
Vocalist Olive gave me an effusive greeting saying, "I must have known you were coming as I've included I Wished on the Moon in the setlist." Full marks for remembering that this is one of my favourite tunes.
Good to hear Neville Hartley and, second set, Gordon Solomon on trombone. Their duo choruses brought to mind J and K. The not so good news was that regular trombonist Don Fairley couldn't make it due to ill health.
We wish him well. 

It Don't Mean a Thing if it Ain't Got That Swing told the audience where this band was at - most of those present probably knew those sentiments before the band did. The aforementioned Wished on the Moon had Olive in good voice and a splendid muted bone solo from Hartley. Eeny Meeny Miny Moe then, I've Never Been in Love Before lied Olive in a superb rendition with Jim McBriarty on tenor which also had fine piano from Colin Haikney. There's a lot of top-notch pianists currently plying their trade on the jazz scene and Colin ranks alongside the best.
The set closed with Rosetta; Christopher Columbus; Hard Hearted Hannah and C Jam Blues. Raffle tickets were bought and discarded. Gordon Solomon arrived. Unprintable stories of the late Clive Gray were exchanged then it was business as usual.
Well not quite. The trombone wisdom of Solomon was added to the front line and, in the words of Ira Gershwin as interpreted by Olive, 'twas 'S Wonderful
N and G did their J and K bit on I Got Rhythm. Acapella choruses with only Alan Rudd for support. Only is hardly the right word. He holds it all together and rather than bore you to death like so many bass players do with solos on every number his moments in the spotlight are selective and effective.
East of the Sun; Sent For You Yesterday; Creole Love Call - Bob Wade went on to clarinet for this one so we had 2 x clarinet and 2 x trombone out front. Jimmy Hamilton, Russell Procope, Britt Woodman and Quentin Jackson looked down and gave it an angelic thumbs up.
Tommy Graham must have left his brushes in the car as he kicked 7 shades out of Cute. It made for an interesting alternative to the usual effete versions.
And so, after an eventful journey, we arrived at Tuxedo Junction. Olive sang, dancers danced, the horns blew and then we blew.
This is a lovely way to spend a Tuesday (1:00pm-3:00pm.)
Real ale and real music.

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