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Sunday, April 01, 2018

CD Review: Flying Horse Big Band - The Bat Swings

(Review by Lance)
The Flying Horse Big Band comprises students on the University of Central Florida's Jazz Studies program and this is their fifth album under the direction of Bruce Wayne, sorry, I mean Adam West. No I don't, I mean Jeff Rupert.
Rupert has enlisted the services of arrangers Michael Philip Mossman, Mark Taylor, Harry Allen, Per Danielson to do the charts as well as chipping in with a couple himself.
The album is riddled with sound solos and that's no joke!
Batmobile to Airport, written by Nelson Riddle, and arranged by Mossman features Dautch on baritone and Hannon on tenor whilst Waszner and Herrera sock it to one of Batman's arch enemies in Batman Riddles the Riddler, another composition by Nelson Riddle (no relation!) and arranged by Mark Taylor.
Blues For Batman (composed Riddle, arranged Allen) has the caped crusader relaxing with Dautch, Young wailing on alto and some lyrical trumpet from Lakshman with Herrera playing like Big T. Any Gotham City jazz club would pay megabucks for these guys.
The action moves to another legendary crimefighter with The Spider-man Theme. Waszmer and guest Drexler up there in the mix. 
Kitka, arranged by Harry Allen, tells the story in music of Batman's infatuation and, ultimate disdain for his femme fatale. Sensuous tenor by Garcia oozes with love, Herrera's trombone sustains the mood but when D''Angelo kicks in you know the affair is over. 
Holy-Hole-in-the-Doughnut has more sensuous tenor from Garcia, this time over a bossa nova rhythm.
OMG! I've got to start watching the TV series again - are they being rerun anywhere on some obscure channel? - I'm even tapping out the rhythm of the original theme as I type!
No wonder, it's very much incorporated in Murciélago En La Cueva. Arranger Mossman adds an Afro-Cuban flair while evoking fight scenes and dramatic moments, culminating in the aforementioned theme by Neal Hefti.
Linking all the main tracks are Bat-Spins. Miniatures that segue one track into the next keeping the pace flowing like as if you were watching in your bat cave without any adverts to take away the momentum.
Amazing Grace may seem an unusual choice to finish this masterpiece with but Ira Sullivan, legendary saxophone and trumpet star, now 86, recently played a gig with the band and, as Sullivan always finishes his show with Amazing Grace, as an appreciation they included it here. Rupert himself arranged it and guitarist Waszner the featured artist. It brought the album to a sedate close after what had been a helter-skelter ride around Gotham in the Batmobile.
Holy Hot Rod! Where can I trade in my Chevvy for a Batmobile (one careful owner preferred).
Jeff Rupert (MD); Courtland Beyer, Taylor Grubbs, Aidan Lakshman, Marco Rivera (trumpets); Christian Herrera, Matt Kerr, Brian Morris, Juwan Murphy (trombones); Kristian Ray (flute), Dylan Young (altos); Andy Garcia, Dylan Hannan (tenors); Saul Dautch (baritone); Mudel Honore (piano/Hammond); Luther Burke (bass); Ryan Waszner (guitar); Gus D'Angelo (drums) + Justin Diaz (trumpet); Richard Drexler (Hammond); Jeff Moore (bongoes); Marty Morrell (vibes/congas/shaker).

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