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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Let's Get Lost - Last Night BBC 4/Don't Get Lost - Tonight @ East Rainton.

A harrowing, at times confusing and often very sad, 1987 autobiopic of the iconic tragedian that was Chet Baker. Amidst all the trauma and chaos, the beautiful trumpet sound and the strangely appealing voice shine through. "Blame it on my Youth" and the title song are just two of the gems. But there are many others. "Almost Blue," recorded in the very twilight of his 58 years, has a poignancy few singers achieve at their peak. I wonder why so many super-talents have such flawed lives? -----YouTube Clip. The trumpet playing and the vocals will be hinted at tonight at the Highfield Hotel, East Rainton by the ROLY VEITCH TRIO whose lives, they tell me, are totally flawless. Free Admission. Start 8.00 pm. Lance.


Roly said...

Nope - I once got 100 lines for answering teacher back.
I tried to watch this film a while back but found it too harrowing, too much emphasis on the seedy and destructive side of things - same again last night - gave up part way through.
Enjoyed the Bird documentary very much though.
PS. Noel can't make it tonight so Graeme Wilson helping out at short notice.

Liz said...

Great lyrics to that number, "Let's get crossed off everybody's list" I love his voice.

John T said...

"How Do You Eat an Elephant?"
I thought this was a good subject line (because of our venue)
It has taken "a lot of small bites" to get through two hours of black and white gloom on my sky+.
I got lost in "Lets get Lost"!! Was it only two hours long?
Made in '88 it may be that TV documentaries have improved in the last 21 years. With better editing it could have been a more interesting one hour programme. Quiet a contrast to the Baroness.
Lets hope they get round to the Ben Webster one about his last years in Europe.

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