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Friday, November 28, 2008

'This and That' by Roly

Hello Lance
I looked at Four Brothers with interest. There seems to be some fantastic players over in the old communist block countries - I have heard quite a few folk, who have been over there, say that. We saw a marvellous trio in Denmark - I would say they were the knockout group of that particular festival. Everyone was enthralled by their virtuosity, swing and also humility. They were called PaCoRa Trio (I think from Slovenia) - the 'keyboard' guy plays a cymbalom, a type of hammered dulcimer. He was amazing. But so were the other two! Some good clips on YouTube.
And re the banjo 'Laura' debate check out Mercedeeez on YouTube. I suppose Laura is not a girl singer's song but I can just imagine this artist singing it, with banjo, and doing it quite nicely. Very cute don't you think??


Lance said...

Wow - I've certainly got a crush on her voice if not her instrument although I admit that in this instance it's not too offensive. However, imagine what it would sound like if she'd had someone like George Van Eps (to pick a name at random) or even your good self to back her up?
But yes, point taken there are occasions when a banjo is better than a guitar - like if you get in a fight..

Roly said...

That's enough jazzy stuff - let's have a bit of culture!
(Click on 'Mozart' in the YouTube section in the right hand column.))

Liz said...

Ukulele Mozart, loved it, the things you learn on this blog!

Lance said...

Checked PoCaRa out certainly an unusual version of "I Found a New Baby". The Cymbalom sounds like a cross between a harp and a banjo; I wonder who he gets when he needs a dep?

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