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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My Buddy - Buddy Rich

If you haven't heard/read this Buddy Rich lecture to his band click here. It's an insight into the mind of the late, legendary drummer.

WARNING! This item contains some non-swear words!


Roly Veitch said...

I wonder if Bird was so abusive to Buddy over his heavy handed drumming on those early bebop sessions?

Liz said...

That's a lovely number" My buddy"
"Nights are long since you went away.....
hadn't thought of that one for ages... I know it doesn't relate to the subject, know me with lyrics!!

Lance said...

You're right there Liz - in fact it couldn't have been less related to the subject! I'd have hated to have had this Buddy as a buddy!
Many years ago my wife and some friends were in the Post Office Tower Restaurant in London and Buddy Rich was dining at a nearby table.
She asked him for his autograph and he duly obliged only for her to discover later that he'd signed it "Bugs Bunny"!
Yeah, he was a great guy!

Roly Veitch said...

It all poses an interesting philosophical question. Fantastic technique, abrasive insensitive personality, big ego.
Great art?
Answers please.

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